26 metre lifting beams in fork lift configuration

We are proud to see how the supplied 2000 tons lifting arrangement, in one of its many configurations, facilitates the job, as a result of our successful collaboration.

Robert Vaessen, Commercial Director, Eager.one BV

Scope of workFork lift of two shiploaders using two 26 metre lifting beams
Engineering scope
  • Lifting
  • Securing
  • Weight spreading
Methods / Software
  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • RFEM
  • First time loading shiploader with a 26 m lifting beam as a fork lift
  • Lashing were attached to cargo before loading to save time

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a LONG Debut

Using a fork lift arrangement with 26 metre traverses to load two shiploaders

Isn’t it always exciting to add something to a list of firsts? When our experts at SAL Engineering were trusted with the lift of two shiploaders it quickly became clear that only a unique rigging arrangement with two 26 metre lifting beams would do the job.

“It was the first time that we executed the loading of a 380 ton shiploader, measuring 12 × 25.6 × 53.3 metres, with our 26 metre traverses in a fork lift configuration,” explains Arthur Stuckert, Project Engineer at SAL Engineering. “We already have lots of experience in similar lifts, but we always used different and much shorter lifting beams to carry out such lifts,” he adds.

Above all it was a very time-sensitive shipment. To save time, the client decided to attach all lashings before the arrival of our Type 116 vessel MV Palabora, which worked out very well.

A great investment in the future

“For us the two 26 metre lifting beams are a great investment in the future,” says Karsten Behrens, General Manager at SAL Engineering, “with this tools at hand, we will be much more flexible in carrying out lifts of this kind. We can now realize lifts with a modular lifting frame of up to 18 metres width and 26 metres length and are excited for many interesting business opportunities to come.”

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